GitUp Git1 Action Camera Review: Affordable GoPro Alternative

Yet another interesting and affordable action camera has been released, the Git1 action camera, from producer GitUp. I couldn't wait to get my hands on one, and thanks to the developers I was able to try it out, while surfing, fishing, hiking, and just plain relaxing a summer trip to one of the wonderful beaches we have in Southern California. With an impressive Sony CMOS IMX322 image sensor and 160 angle of view, I had high hopes for the Git1 and I was not disappointed. 

The Git1 arrived in a smartly-packaged box and, and as the pro model of the GitUp Git1 action camera, it comes with a waterproof case and several attachments. These attachments include the typical GoPro style ones such as mounting pads, handlebar grips, angled brackets, and screws. You'll notice I said GoPro style, because all these mounts are GoPro attachment compatible. That's a huge plus and something I'm a big fan of, and that many action cameras have adopted. It's nice to have a virtual universal standard when it comes to different mounting options, because they're just so many compatible accessories that you can purchase through sites like eBay, including chest mounts, head mounts, wrist mount, floating devices, and much more. The waterproof case snaps snugly around the GitUp Git1 action camera. The latch for it is found on the left hand side, sort of a unique attachment that isn't often seen with many other action camera models. There's only three buttons on the action camera overall, and only two of these can be accessed through the waterproof case. Those buttons are the power / options, wifi/options, and the start / stop recording buttons. I found the mounting points on this camera allowed me to easily attach it to gear I already had such as my favorite chest mount. These two mounts make it really easy to record all the fishing action that is taking place in front of you be it on the water, on a jetty, hiking or otherwise.

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Angle of View: 160°,120° LCD Display 1.5 inches LCD screen 
Video Resolution: 1080P HD video: 1920 x 1080; 30fps
960P HD video: 1280 x 960; 30fps
720P HD video: 1280 x 720; 30fps
WVGA: 848 x 480; 60fps 
Video Format H.264 encoder, MP4 video container Video Loop Mode Supported Photo Resolutions 12MP (4032*3024),8MP (3264*2448),5MP (2592*1944),3MP (2048*1536) Time Lapse Photo 2 sec. / 5 sec. / 10 sec. / 30 sec. / 60 sec. 
Microphone & Speaker: Built-in microphone, Monaural speaker
External microphone supported 
Video Out HD Video: Micro HDMI (HDMI cable sold separately)
Analog Video: Mini USB (AV-Out composite cable sold separately) G-sensor Supported Wi-Fi Supported Remote Control Optional Ports Mini USB ,Micro HDMI,MicroSD Storage microSD memory card with a Class 10 or UHS-1 rating
Up to 64GB capacity supported 
Battery: 950mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
Battery life: up to 90 minutes in FullHD mode
USB Charging: DC 5V 1000 mA Weights and Measurements Camera weight: 64g
Camera with housing weight: 154g
Dimensions: 59 x 30 x 41mm 

I noticed it is smaller than the SJ4000 camera. However, the battery pack from the SJ4000 fits this camera as well, and runs it without problem.  

One of the most exciting features of the GitUp
Git1 action camera is the wrist band remote control (sold separately). This
allows you to remotely, not using Wi-Fi, take photos videos turn Wi-Fi on or
off, and even power the camera off. It wraps snugly around your wrist, is quite
comfortable, and is reportedly water resistant, although I would be cautious
connection and then use your local tablet or phone to control the camera. It's a great feature to have, because you do not have to use a Wi-Fi on the water, or hiking! I found the remote works very well, great accuracy with button pushes, and stop / start recording.
 I much prefer having a wristband, then having to use my smartphone, when I'm out.
There's a few action cameras on the market, that offer this feature but not many of them, and certainly very few of the more budget friendly ones that do so.

Strapped on the GitUp Git1 and hit up the beach and mountains over several days. Take a look at the sample footage below.

Here are a few photos.

Here is one photo that is simply a frame exported from a video. Notice the improvement in color and detail from the photos taken above.

The GitUp Git1 action camera is incredibly easy to use. I was able to quickly start recording and stop recording whenever I needed to when I was fishing, which is very helpful when you're in the middle of a hot bite, or unhooking a fish. The buttons on the waterproof case have a little bit of tension to them, but not so much tension that it's incredibly hard to press down, such as on the SJ4000 action camera. On top of that it's really easy to cycle between the photo / video options with the one touch button on the front. Not having a ton of buttons on the waterproof case allows you not to get confused when you're trying to record blindly. Furthermore, there is a audible beep then a beep beep beep, when you start and then stop recording. Having a nice audible feedback, that is actually able to be heard it through the waterproof case, really helps out. Otherwise, it's hard to know when you actually are reporting and not recording without looking at the action camera. There are several menu options I recommend playing around with to get the best detail in your footage (more on that below). I forgot turn off the date/time stamp on the photos. 


The video quality (with its Sony CMOS IMX322 sensor) is excellent on the GitUp Git1, however the photos quality is not. While the camera allows you to choose up to 12MP detail, the actual photos lack detail and vibrant color. I am not sure why this is (as the video is great). [ Clarification: after reaching out to the developer I learned the actual photo sensor is only 2MP, hence the poor quality photos.] However, an easy work around I found was just to export single frames from videos instead. (as seen above). These images turned out nicely and were much higher quality than the default photos. Another work around is to use the neat ability to take photos while already recording (while filming, press Power/Mode button and it will save photos from the video). That's really my only complaint about the GitUp Git1. Be sure to turn off the date/time stamps (have to turn it off under the Video menu and the Photo menu), and I also recommend setting the White Balance to Custom, then custom white balance to 2-2, for less auto adjustments that could interfere with video.


There is a lot of a different action cameras on the market today. The GitUp Git1 action camera is a very exciting new option, that is in the highly affordable range for almost everyone who's interested in action cameras. It is a fantastic alternative to the overpriced, and overhyped GoPro action camera
range. You can purchase it through Amazon, eBay, and a few other websites.  Right now, it retails roughly in the 90 to 100 dollar customer service. The GitUp Git1 compares favorably with other similarly-priced action cameras.such as the SJ4000, Sj5000, Xiaomi Yi, and so on. The photos are not as sharp, but the video quality is decidedly better than the SJ4000; and the LCD backdoor viewer really beats the Xiaomi Yi (which lacks one). Make sure to get the Pro version to get the waterproof case (unfortunately, the wristband version is a separate option). All in all, the GitUp Git1 is a solid action camera at an affordable price, compatible with GoPro accessories, and offering a great bargain for action camera fans. You can purchase it via Amazon (Pro version), or through GitUp directly, or from Gearbest ( Also, keep an eye out for their upcoming Git2 with reported 2k video resolution and 1080p at 60 fps!  

Finally, if you want even more, check out my full video review of the Git1 from Gitup below:  

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