Midnight Monsters

During the early part of October, we had some killer weather. Super hot days, triple digits, with evenings that stayed in the 70s. Great weather-for evening bass fishing! I started fishing my Rage Toad Strike King frogs, Texas Rigged and weightless. Ripping them across mats drew loads of strikes-including one monster that snapped me after exploding through the grass. I hooked far more than I landed, unfortunately.

Check out that belly, hahaha!
On one of these nights, the moon was totally full, and the fish treated the open water like a clear-sky, sunny day. Fish wouldn't come out from under the trees or mats, perhaps spooked by how illuminated the water from from the moon. I haven't seen that before, certainly wouldn't have predicted it either.

Also managed to get one fish on a new lure-a chatterbait! I am still learning how to fish these jig/spinner hybrids, but they sure have a great vibration. Landing fish right away on a new lure really helps build confidence in it.
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Love night fishing for Bass. Takes some getting used to on the fly, but can produce big results. Great Post!


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