Fairmount Park Piggies

 Fished Fairmount Park yesterday and today. The water is warm, still murky (but nothing like last month's chocolate milk lake), and the fish are active. Carp are visible all around the lake, the sunfish are coming out of their hiding places, and the bass...are biting. Jackall Flick Shake worms were the ticket.
 Catch and release fishing is something many people cannot seem to wrap their brains around, especially at parks like Fairmount. On my first fish of today, a family asked me to give it to them. I politely declined, letting them know I release my bass. However, they couldn't undertstand this and kept shouting and yelling, asking me to give them the fish "for their dad." As I unhooked the bass and lowered it back into the water, one of the girls in the group went ballistic, screaming, "No, no, no! Give it to us!"
You want a fish from Fairmount that badly? Sheesh. Pony up $4 and grab a largemouth at 99 Ranch Market, fresh. Leave the dirty city park fish alone. DFG doesn't stock Fairmount routinely with bass, and there certainly isn't enough to go around feeding all of Riverside.
 My third crappie from Fairmount. Little guy couldn't resist a slowly-retrieved Yo-Zuri!

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April 4, 2011 at 3:36 PM delete

Wow, people are nuts. Tell them the bass you caught costs $4,000. Then maybe they can go crazy on some one else. Catch and release is the way to go, bro.


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