Urban Creek Fishing in the Inland Empire

I really enjoy exploring small urban creeks and runoff channels. While often covered in graffiti, heavily polluted and located in questionable locales, these concrete jungle streams can be a fishing shangri-la. Multiple species, all eager to bite and little fishing pressure keeps such trips enjoyable.
 Recently, I tried out a new creek in the Inland Empire. I'll keep it a secret for now, given its small size and easy access, but I'll toss out one hint: It's all that remains of an old lake that was a popular local fishing hole.

Poison oak, litter and plenty of graffiti kept the trip interesting. Oh, and so did plentiful bites from green sunfish, bluegill and small largemouth bass. Also present were numerous large common carp, but they turned up their proverbial noses at my hardbaits and microjigs. I think the only pressure this spot received was from local kids, tossing earthworms under bobbers.

I didn't get to spend much time at this new-found fishing hotspot, but I found the short trip really enjoyable. It's amazing the little waterways and channels one may find in the middle of the concrete jungle, sometimes teeming with fishy life!

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December 19, 2011 at 5:28 PM delete

i fish in the I.E. alot..if it's not too much trouble shoot me an e-mail at capoeirista2@yahoo.com..i'd love to try this place..carp are so much fun.

October 5, 2013 at 2:26 PM delete

If you find the time, shoot me an email at veltrigino@yahoo.com. I'm new to the i.e. (rancho cucamonga) and am used to the vast wilderness of Colorado. I'd like a few tips on finding these urban spots (as my normal google maps method has lately let me down). Im new here and dont have many friend so your secret spots will be safe with me!


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