Fall Fishing: Silverwood Stripers Video

I fished the dusk bite at Silverwood Reservoir on an evening in October and had a blast. The boils were not as numerous as I had hoped, however, the topwater bite was still on. A cold wind made the water surface somewhat choppy, probably hurting action. Even still, I landed three healthy striped bass, two 18''s and one smaller striper. Absolutely amazing to watch them explore on the surface, engulfing my Kinami Shad topwater lure. The trick was to fish it "Walk the Dog" style, just like you would fish a Lucky Craft Sammy. Cast, splash, twitch, pause, twitch, pause...BOOM! I can't wait to go back!


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November 3, 2012 at 2:07 PM delete

grrrr............. grrr....

after watching ur video again, im not going to have it... im gonna go back to sport chalet, buy another kinami top water shad, and try again real soon.. i just dont feel right.. im not gonna let this lake get the best of me.... even if i have to park, hike and find my way down to the shore... i will , last time i pay 11 bucks for some dinks... im gonna over come this.. lil hump in the road.. and ima capture it on video.. as pissed as i am, this vid motivated me not to give up.. and try again... thanks for raising the bar.. im gonna level up soon.. even if i have to jump in that betch and spear fish.. down there.. stripers 1 vs aggs the angler 0

November 4, 2012 at 8:40 PM delete

You'll get 'em. The swimbait bite may pick up as they start stocking trout. I don't know much about that style of fishing but a lot of FNN guys are into it


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