Krazilla Action Camera Review

Next up in our review series on affordable action cameras and GoPro alternatives is the Krazilla Sports action camera. I was fortunate enough to take it on several fishing and outdoor trips recently and wanted to share my thoughts on this compact action camera.

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The Krazilla action camera features 1080p and 720p HD video recording at 140 degrees wide angle lens, with a waterproof case and nice 1.8" LCD display viewfinder on the back. There is also Mini HDMI output and cycle recording support available. Once you dive into the built-in menu, you'll find the ability to adjust a variety of the stock settings without ever even having to connect your computer! Be sure to turn off the Date/Time stamp on first use though, unless you in the minority that likes such a thing in your fishing videos (you'll notice I forgot to take it off at first, whoops!)

Krazilla is compatible with GoPro accessories. Thus, the affordable OEM chest mounts, headstraps, selfie-sticks and more should all work with it fine. I did note the plastic attachment on the case was a little bit thick, forcing me to have to force the connection a bit more than I wished though. Krazilla also features several popular mount attachments (handlebar, helmet, etc) included in the box. 

Bass Fishing with Krazilla Action Camera

The waterproof case features just two accessible buttons: power/photo & video. It's very easy to turn on and start filming, much easier than the resistant buttons on the SJ4000! I really liked how quickly the Krazilla camera loaded up, allowing me to catch the action right away. Buttons also have an audible feedback "beep" which is very helpful when you can't see the screen (especially when snorkeling or spearfishing). The viewfinder on the back is also quite helpful and allows you to easily spot what you are actually filming (unlike some of GoPro models). You can also hookup the camera via wifi and a free app (link in the instruction manual) to your smartphone or tablet, and easily view your videos/photos on the fly. 

Video quality is decent, compatible with several other budget action cameras; don't expect GoPro 4k video! The photo quality seemed limited by lower MP sensor. I like the wide-angle (140) and how quickly I could start recording with the Krazilla. Here you can see several examples of video shot under a variety of conditions, both quite bright/contrasting (fishing in the snow) and underwater while spearfishing. Notice it handles these conditions actually fairly well (got to love the flat lens on the underwater case for nice, clear underwater recording!), although it struggles with very white/bright conditions at times, similar to the Rush action camera. However, with careful recording and positioning, such limitations shouldn't interfere with your videos. 

Spearfishing with Krazilla Action Camera

Winter trout fishing with Krazilla Action Camera

All in all, the Krazilla is fun little action camera. While it's pricepoint isn't very competitive ($199ish)-and it's video quality is a little less than the SJ4000, it still packs a host of neat features and is one of the easiest action cameras to use that I have tried (I was markedly impressed with how quickly the camera loads and starts recording!). I've enjoyed using it for a variety of outdoor videos and will continue to film with it as a backup cam for fishing and snorkeling adventures. 
The Krazilla may be purchased through NewEgg or on the Krazilla website. You can also follow Krazilla on Facebook

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Next up in our review series on affordable action cameras and GoPro alternatives is the Krazilla Sports action camera. I was fortunate enough ...

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