Cansonic UDV-888 DVR Dash & Action Camera Review

I really enjoy action cameras, from the ultra-affordable models to the high-end hard to find versions. As such, I am always excited to come across new and unique action cameras. Thus, when I found out about the Cansonic UDV-888, I knew I had to try it out. It's unlike most any other action camera I have reviewed, as it combines a slick waterproof case design with a huge array of dash camera options. 

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The Cansonic UDV-888 is both a dash camera and an action camera. For the former, it offers easy windshield or dashboard mounting with adhesive backing to a ball-and-cup socket attachment. A host of awesome customizable features to best protect your vehicle are included, such as motion-detection, impact/collision/car keying detection, GPS compatibility/tracking/GNSS, G-sensor accelerometer, in addition to standard looping, auto color/white balance/exposure options, 140 degrees wide angle viewing, playback mode, Android and iOS app compatibility for remote control, and more. For the action camera portion, the camera features a handy built-in LCD screen so that you know what you are actually filming (1.5" TFT), waterproof case, GoPro compatible mounting options, both photo (up to ) and video (HD1080p @ 30FPS, 720p @ 60fps, 30fps) with digital zoom, time lapse editing support , all in a tiny package (camera itself weighs only 95g).

Included in the box with the Cansonic UDV-888 are several attachments for mounting, brackets, GoPro compatible mount, dash-camera mount, adhesives (multiples), underwater case, charging cables and more. The GoPro compatible mount is an angled mount that allows for rapid compatibility with the huge number of GoPro-style mounts on the market today (headbands, chest mounts, floaties, etc). Also included is 1 lithium ion battery, which allowed me a fairly full day of on/off recording on a recent boat trip to Anacapa Island. The waterproof case allows holds the camera snugly and reportedly offers protection for up to 50 meters. There is also built-in wifi for connecting to smartphone devices with the above apps, flat lenses with 6 layers of glass (no bubble effect here)

I was pleasantly surprised how sharp and clear my videos with the Cansonic UDV-888 turned out. I've been burned by a few generic cameras with muted colors and limited detail on their action cameras, but the Cansonic UDV-888 is not one of these. Indeed, as you'll notice on my hiking section of the video, the details are quite crisp. The flat lenses on this camera helps it stand ahead of the other dual-camera I have reviewed (Whistler Rush) and allows for excellent snorkeling and underwater footage. The only downside was somewhat limited performance with a wide-range of colors during transitions from dark to light, or especially bright outdoors environments, something that many action cameras seem to struggle with. I'm not sure is due to a limitation in the dynamic range available to it or something else; however it isn't too noticeable for most filming. The accessories all stood up well and easily handled both the use in the my car as a dash camera (fantastic mount, very sturdy) and the abuse I put them through on several hiking, fishing, and snorkeling trips. The GoPro mount compatibility is fantastic and attaches securely without any problems. Finally, the underwater case button is really easy to push for on/off recording, something SJ4000 could learn from!

Sample Footage and Photos
Video Quality Sample

Video Review

Photo sample (panorama)

Overall, I was very impressed with the Cansonic UDV-888. It's dual performance as both an action camera and a dash camera helps it rise above the myriad of other models on the market. It is somewhat more costly ($300), and I wish it were a little more affordable to better compete, with higher FPS at 1080p. However, it is still a memorable and unique camera and one I will keep using on my trips, and certainly one to consider should you be in the market for a dual-dash-action camera option. Great video, great dash-camera modalities, and incredibly easy to use-what more could you want? You can purchase the Cansonic UDV-888 through Amazon or Cansonic directly. 

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