Telescopic Cellphone Zoom Camera Lens Review

Grabbed this little telephoto zoom lens for my smartphone for a little over $6. It's been fun taking it on hiking and fishing trips. Recently took it to Hawaii and was able to focus in on a whale surfacing off the coast. There's no way my stock cell phone camera could have picked it up! Here is the video of the whale, and following it is a video review of the lens at a local SoCal creek.

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As technology advances, it is no surprise to anyone we are relying more and more on our mobile phones to take photos and shoot film. Even professional film-makers use phones to capture image. Now that news came in that Tangerine, one of the best movies at the Sundance Film Festival, was shot entirely with an iPhone 5S, no one can deny that professional camera level photography can be reached with a smartphone. phone camera lens


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