The GoPro Killer: GitUp2 Action Camera

Remember the GitUp1 action camera I reviewed several months back? I recently got to try out the latest upgrade to the GitUp series, with the GitUp2 courtesy of GearBest: (Edit: no longer on Gearbest, now only on Amazon: Wow! I am happy to report that it blew away my expectations and has taken the premium features seen in many more expensive action cameras, and packaged it all into a very affordable package. 

First, let's start with the specification. The GitUp2 the high-quality Sony Ezmor IMX206 16MP image sensory + Novatek NTK96660 chipset, a significant upgrade from the GitUp 1. This allows it to take not only high quality video (with resolution up to 2K video resolution) but also photopgraphs in up to true 16MP quality. One of the weak points of the original GitUp was the very low-quality photographs (unless you extracted individual frames from each video); the GitUp2 has rectified that problem nicely.

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The GitUp2 also rocks 1080p 60FPS resolution, in addition to the higher resolution 1440p and 2K resolutions. The 1080p footage is the most usable and looks the best in my opinion. It also offers super slow-motion modes in lower resolution formats. Included with the camera is the usual host of accessories and mounts, including the excellent waterproof case. Make sure you package comes with the waterproof case, as not all GitUp2s I have seen online have one. Check out the full list of specifications here:

Chipset: Novatek NTK96660
Lens High quality all glass elements
Angle of View: 170°,120°
Sensor Sony Exmor IMX206 16MP
LCD Display1.5 inches LCD screen

Video Resolution
2160P HD video: 2880 x 2160; 24fps;
1440P HD video: 2560 x 1440; 30fps; [Note! As of most recent upgrade, now up to 60FPS]
1296P HD video: 2304 x 1296; 30fps;
1080P HD video: 1920 x 1080; 60fps;
1080P HD video: 1920 x 1080; 30fps;
720P HD video: 1280 x 720; 120fps;
720P HD video: 1280 x 720; 60fps;
720P HD video: 1280 x 720; 30fps; 
WVGA video: 848 x 480; 30fps;
VGA: 648 x 480; 240fps
Video FormatH.264 encoder, MP4 video container
Video Loop Mode Supported

Photo Resolutions
16MP(4608*3456),12MP (4032*3024),8MP (3264*2448),5MP (2592*1944),3MP (2048*1536)

Time Lapse Photo
2 sec. / 5 sec. / 10 sec. / 30 sec. / 60 sec.
Shutter Speed 1/30 Sec. / 2 Sec. / 5 Sec. / 10 Sec. / 15 Sec. / 20 Sec. / 30 Sec / 1 Min.

Microphone & Speaker
Built-in microphone, Monaural speaker
External microphone supported
Video OutHD Video: Micro HDMI (HDMI cable sold separately)
Analog Video: Mini USB (AV-Out composite cable sold separately)Quick start recording 
Supported G-sensor
Supported Wi-Fi
Supported Remote Control (Optional)
Ports Mini USB ,Micro HDMI,MicroSD
Storage: microSD memory card with a Class 10 or UHS-1 rating
Up to 64GB capacity supported 

Record times vary with resolutions and frame rates
Battery & ChargingBattery: 950mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
Battery life: up to 90 minutes in FullHD mode
USB Charging: DC 5V 1000 mA

Weights and Measurements 
Camera weight: 64g

Camera with housing weight: 154g
Dimensions: 59 x 30 x 41mm  

While the case is not cross-compatible with the popular SJ4000 cases (ELE, Eken H9, etc), the actual camera is reportedly compatible with GoPro cases, an interesting design choice. In addition the batteries are cross-compatible with SJ4000 batteries, allowing users to easily purchase replacements.

I had a little scare when upgrading the firmware of the camera initially. The GitUp customer service team is amazingly responsive and helpful, walking me through several steps to fix the problem. When upgrading your firmware, make sure to use the official GitUp firmware under Support on their website

Perhaps most exciting in the list of features for the GitUp2 is the gyroscopic stabilization option. I almost exclusively use it now (users can turn it on or off). The GitUp2 has a built-in gyro that detects movement and attempts to stabilize the footage prior to loading it onto your computer. The gyro does a remarkably good job. It's not a true "Steadicam" but it sure looks great. This is an example of a premium feature that you'll find on the Gitup2 and not on the other, more affordable models I've reviewed in the past like the ELE or Eken H9. 

I took the Gitup out on a number of recent hiking and fishing trips. Take a look at the excellent sample footage I was able to obtain. Footage is primarily filmed at 60fps, 1080p resolution. I've also included sample footage, comparing the GitUp2 to the ELE and SJ4000, as well as gyro vs non-gyro stabilized footage.

Photo quality is robust and truly an upgrade over the previous GitUp1 camera. No longer do you need to extract single frames from each video to get the best photos. The Sony image sensor does a great job of getting wide-angle HD shots, with vivid colors. While I love the ELE action camera, it's image sensory struggles with bright, vivid colors at times and the GitUp2 seems to do a better job, especially in contrasting colors and environments. The GitUp2 also includes a host of adjustable video and photo adjusting options, including ISO, RAW images, shutter speed and much more. The depth of the image colors allows for significant post-processing if you wish to edit your videos and photos afterwards. Of note, none of the footage or videos I showed above has any post-processing done to it, I was simply so happy with the image quality I left it as is.

Sample photos

With all the glowing positives of this powerful camera, does the GitUp2 have any flaws? Very well, in my opinion. The primary critique I noticed is the lack of a dedicated action camera app from the developers, for Android or iOS. That being said, the developers recommend users download the FinalCam app to connect remotely from their smartphones and control the camera. Finalcam, in my opinion, really is lacking in a good user interface and wide support among different mobile devices. It's not as good of an app as dedicated action camera apps, like ELE's excellent app or my older Blackvue Sport app. Hopefully, GitUp will release an app in the future, although I wouldn't hold my breath for now. 

I've seen varying prices for the GitUp2, from a little over $100 to $150. It's not just a solid action camera, it's actually quite exceptional in every right and deserves recognition for offering premium features at a price that GoPro can't seem to beat. If you have room in your action camera budget for a $100+ camera, get the GitUp2. You can order online from a variety of sources, including Gearbest (shipping is typically longer when ordering overseas), and start enjoying this fantastic action camera for hiking, fishing, hunting, and more asap!

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YouTube the gold standard for video sharing online at this time. While sharing direct links to unedited files is certainly possible, it's rarely requested or used. However, if you prefer, check out some of the direct file links in the RCGroups thread:

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