Lower Owens Volunteer Opportunity

The Owens River is one of California's most beloved trout fisheries, and has slowly experieinced a comeback with recent changes to water releases. The lower portion is currently choked with thick reeds and tules, making access very difficult, for anglers, birdwatchers, hikers and just about everyone else.
Fortunately, the Inyo County Water Department has just received a $500,000 grant to clean up the river and improve access. If you would like to help out, read on:

"Inyo County is a grant finalist for a $500,000 CA Natural Resources Agency grant to develop the first designated water trail for kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards, in the Western U.S.! The 6.3 mile trail near Lone Pine winds through one of the most scenic sections of the rewatered Lower Owens River--with numerous green meadows, willow trees, and spectacular views of the Alabama Hills, Mt. Whitney and the Inyo Mountains.
Resources’ grant staff will be out to appraise the project on June 21st. We want to get the Resources staff on the water to experience this amazing stretch of river, and to demonstrate that volunteer stewardship can help build and maintain the Owens River Water Trail. To accomplish these objectives, there are two work weekends to open up a sample section of trail. Trail building weekends are June 11-12 and June 18-19.
Building water trail is almost as fun as using it. It's a full-immersion, unforgettable experience. Participants can say that they were instrumental at helping to establish the first river paddle trail in California and the west. Water trail work is done in teams working in and near the water and includes scouting channel course, cutting and removing bulrush, cattails, and logs from the river channel. Come out and join us for this truly unique experience."

Contact information for project: Larry Freilich from the Inyo County Water Dept  (email at lfreilich@inyocounty.us or info@ovcweb.org)

Special thanks to Owens Valley Committee for the news.

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