Yolo Bite Alarm & Yoshikawa 7Ft Pack Rod Reviews

Spent a lot of time this last weekend at the beach, not only trying out my new M20 action camera,but also a couple of fishing products. One was the YOLO Fishing Bite Alarm, and the other a Yoshikawa 7ft collapsible pack rod. The bite alarm reminded me of the old carp bite alarms I used to use, but unfortunately it didn't work as well [edit--I had the line setup incorrectly!]. The Yoshikawa rod is fantastic, definitely one I'll be using in the future! These are both courtesy of Gearbest, and you can find them here:

Yoshikawa travel fishing rod: http://bit.ly/2tXUEwk
Yolo Bite Alarm: http://bit.ly/2lJhjJi
Other Gearbest fishing products:

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