Lobster season + Backpack review

Hasn't been a lot of fishing videos lately as I've been focusing on the recently opened Spiny Lobster season here in California. These critters are a exciting challenge to go after, especially as the water temperatures cool off. Take a look at them in my latest video!

I've been using this handy backpack, called the Freeknight Backpack, courtesy of Gearbest to haul my snorkeling gear and it has done a superb job. In addition, it holds several micro and mini drones, like my Mould King Super S without a problem, and is perfect for taking them along on a short hike. It has an emergency whistle, hip straps, water-resistant (not waterproof) fabric, and a purported 40L carrying capacity with multiple compartments. It's fairly comfortable as well. You can find this backpack online here. Try this coupon code OUT15OFF, should give you 15% off your order!

Plenty more fishing and hiking videos to come soon!

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