California Local Trout Fishing Water Repor

Each year, I take a trip to a favorite local trout stream here in Southern California.  In the past, this stream has produced amazing numbers of chunky, healthy rainbow trout. 

 Sadly, the drought and other circumstances appears to have hit this little creek particularly hard--we only managed a few small strikes from very small trout, and many pools appeared to be barren, silted over. 

At least a few small fish remain, hopefully healthy enough to repopulate the creek and once again bring it to life. This year's heavy rains have replenished the water source, which may be helpful as well. Enjoy the video and the photos.

Filmed with ThiEye T5E at 4K and Dobby Drone.  

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May 8, 2017 at 10:00 PM delete

That's a sad state of affairs...may this poor little creek live again. Where is this poor little fella?


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