Telescopic Fly Fishing Rod: Bargain Fishing Review

I'm a sucker for a great deal, and when I came across this telescopic fly rod, I couldn't resist!

Took it out on trout streams, small ponds, and the LA River. Handled small trout and sunfish without any problems. 

Good: Cheap! Collapsible easily into my hiking backpack and my carry-on travel suitcase. I don't have to worry about beating up a pricey, expensive fly fishing rod.

Bad: Action is pretty poor. I can cast it out quite a ways, but it's nowhere as nice as my more expensive fly fishing rods for a nice smooth cast. You definitely have to work at it to get decent range. Of course, this doesn't matter as much in the tiny ponds and creeks I frequent. It's also quite ugly. 

All that in mind, I'm still using this rosewood flying fishing rod. Doesn't cast amazing, but it's sufficient to get the line out there and catch fish. Already snapped the rod tip off during some rough travel (my fault, not the rods), but it was easy to repair with a spair rod tip set I have.

Interested? You can buy this telescopic collapsible fly fishing rod here:

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