Newport Bay: Spotted Bass Fishing Trip!

Fishing in local bays and harbors for saltwater bass is always fun. This time of the year, the water is warm enough for float tubing without a wetsuit on, and the fish are eager to bite. Throwing an array of soft plastics lures, I typically tie into both calico and spotted bass. Lately, I've been fishing Newport Harbor, both from the shore and from my float tube alot. The float tube is simply perfect for navigating the shallow water structure that I prefer to target, and it's easy to fit into my vehicle as well.

Video of trip
Filmed in 4K

This particular trip, I was throwing a softplastic, red paddletail worm. Picked it up for just a couple of bucks here (Aliexpress), and matched it with a jighead. Pretty decent action in the water, and the 16" spotted bass that chomped on it thought so too!

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