Lake Perris

I fished Lake Perris for bass and sunfish a couple of weeks back. This report is super old, but better late than never, right?

Tried exploring the shoreline of Lake Perris for a few hours, hoping to find some hidden spots. It's really overgrown, but at least they don't fence it off, like at other lakes. Spotted two deer, couldn't get very close.

Somebody is missing their floatie.

The bite was slow, to say the least. The boat traffic was insane, loads of people jet skiing, and racing around on the water. Really choppy, and much more algae than I have encountered before. The topwater action at dusk was awful, nothing like spring or early summer. Only managed this dinky dink largemouth bass.

I stopped by Fairmount on the way home, hoping to score with some night bass. No dice, but I did run into this hoodlum. Raccoons and people compete for the trashbin leftovers at night here, fun to watch.
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