Canyon Lake Bass Fishing

Had the itch to fish. Threw the bike in the car, grabbed the fishing gear, and hit the road. Had to park off the beaten path, then bike in. Made sure to load up on the H2O beforehand, September is still hot hot hot in SoCal.
Finally made it to the water. Not as much cover as last time I visited, as the water was down, but it was still amazing.
Look closely at the bottom-center of this photo; see the baby bass? Schools of 'em were all over the lake!
I ended up with 10+ fish, sort of lost track. Most were dinks (seems like there are loads of them around!), but I managed a few nicer ones that put up a beasty fight on light line. 
Wrapped up the day with a chipped thumb from lipping 'em, great sign of excellent bass fishing!

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September 5, 2011 at 4:13 AM delete

Sounds like you caught a lot of bass! :)


Be nice.