Fall Bass Fishing in the IE

As the weather transitions from the sweltering days of summer to the crisp, clear days of fall, bass fishing traditionally picks up. At least, that's what I told myself as I drove to yet another fishing trip this Sunday. 

However, after a few hours on the water, my efforts weren't exactly paying off. I had nailed two fish, one a total dink and the other a ~1 lb fella (pictured above), but I had been dreaming of non-stop bass action and this wasn't it. The better fish was caught on a Texas-rigged Gary Yamamoto Ika, a really ugly lure that catches a lot of fish for me.
Finally, as the sun set, I switched up to a Gene Larew Three-Legged topwater frog. I initially tried some Sizmic Toad Jr. frogs, but I after missing two blowups, I decided to change lures. Finally, as I was casting near some reeds, I heard the tell-tale sounds of a large fish hitting surface forage nearby. I flipped the frog out, and three seconds later- BAM! Hooked this big largemouth bass, 4 lb category, 17.5''. One of the best fighters I've had the pleasure of encountering on my fishing trips in the last few months. Definitely an epic memory. Video quality above isn't the greatest, but it sort of shows off how big this fish was. Tight lines!

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