Mackerel Attack!

I usually go fishing for freshwater species. However, at times I'll get to fish the mighty Pacific Ocean, usually from various piers and jetties scattered across the coast. Laguna, Dana Point, Newport and so on-all offer some fun fishing opportunities for a wide variety of species. I'm still working on improving my lure skills in saltwater; I usually do better with cut pieces of shrimp, but I have manged a few nice catches on jigs.
Recently went out to one of my favorite jetties and had a ball catching mackerel all afternoon. To be honest, the mack bite wasn't as wild as it sometimes is, but it was still fun. I and my friend managed to land close to 20 mackerel in a few hours. We kept the largest 4; they are quite tasty if prepared correctly. It was really fun to watch the pelicans crash into the surf, as they divebombed schools of macks and other fish.

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April 4, 2012 at 12:38 PM delete

Pretty fish, I'd have fun also. They look like tiny albies.



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