Dynamic Lures HD Trout Jerkbait Review

Dynamic Lures Fishing in Action

Update: You can now purchase Dnyamic Lures on Amazon! http://amzn.to/2yhTT06
Dynamic Lures is a new company on the proverbial fishing lure block. They offer an impressive range of affordable jerkbaits and swimbaits. Based in Colorado, their products have been heavily advertised online and recently picked up by several large fishing tackle retailers, namely Bass Pro Shops, Sportsman's Wharehouse, and Cabelas. I was particularly interested in their HD Trout series of hardbait lures. After getting in touch with the company, I have several of these fine jerkbaits to show you along with them in action on video.

These HD Trout jerkbaits are 2.25'' long and weigh in at 0.10 oz. I was most impressed with the unique patterns these lures come in. With 12 different patterns, ranging from Glimmer Trout to Fire Craw, you can be sure they have something for every water type. One of my favorite patterns they offer is the Ghost Perch, a semi-translucent brown baitfish pattern. Bass readily hit this and the Trout patterns that I threw while fishing.

HD Trout jerkbaits feature a tantalizing wobble in the water on medium retrieve. I was still able to coax decent action out of them on slow retrieves, and a fast "burner" retrieve also worked to draw strikes. However, most of my hits came on a medium retrieve, often near weedlines with the HD Trout. These lures look great in the water, with a slow-sinking fall when not reeling.

Of the four jerkbaits from Dynamic Lures, one did lose an eye after a particularly bumpy retrieve near rocks. However, on the whole, I found these lures to be fairly durable. The finish held up great, even after repeated catches and some rough snags. None of the hooks bent out or left me with any problems. Retrieves continued to be consistently good even after multiple hookups (no re-alignment was needed during my use). Lures ran great out of the box too!

Dynamic Lures HD Trout jerkbaits are priced fairly reasonably. They sell for $4.95 each online, although the Gold Natural pattern is listed as $2.95 at the time of this review. I think most people will be comparing these to Rapala's and the $4.95 price of t he Dynanmic Lures definitely gives them an edge on the market. I haven't spotted the prices on them at Bass Pro Shops or Cabelas, it'll be interesting to see what they sell for at those stores.

Great packaging too!
I'm really happy with the Dynamic Lures range of HD Trout jerkbaits. It's tough to come out with a solid line of new lures in the cutthroat fishing lure industry, but I think these guys have a winner on their hands with this set of jerkbaits. While the company has received rave reviews on their lures for trout fishing (a must in Colorada), I found the HD Trout to work great on bass at my urban creek and pond locations. They are the perfect size to throw on the light tackle that I use. Plus, the great lure patterns and decent prices will keep me throwing the HD Trout jerkbaits in my hunt for urban largemouth for sure!

Other Lures from Dynamic Lures
Also, I'd like to note that Dynamic Lures carries several other interesting lures. The Dynamo series is a set of unique big swimbaits for big fish. Coming in 7'' and 2oz, the slow sinking Dynamo  LP looked great when I threw it at Lake Perris. I haven't' been able to fish it extensively, but I'll definitely be posting more shots of it when I do. It's a jointed hardbait swimbait with a nice array of patterns available. One of the really neat unique features of it is the sweet "embedded" hook on the front treble, helping prevent tangles on casting

Also from Dynamic is the Travado DP, a 4'' deep-diving jerkbait. Lots of great colors available for this hardbait too (seeign a pattern here?) I'm hoping to throw this when fishing the salt at the local jetties this summer, look for more reports on this soon!

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May 20, 2012 at 8:04 PM delete

great review as always! just ordered some as u suggested and i cant wait to test them out.. im sure they wont disappoint. i always look forward to your new reviews keep em coming.

thanks again for the charlie/mangler review.. i went out n got one right after and it brought my fishing to a new level. prolly biggest bass for me so far... - greatly appreciate your knowledge.. thanks again !!

May 21, 2012 at 11:25 AM delete

Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad to hear you enjoy the reviews. I'd love to see a photo of the big bass you caught on the Charlie lure, please upload a pic and send me the link! Thanks!

May 22, 2012 at 10:21 PM delete

im actually ashamed ...hah..i know ur a pro n ur use to big fish...lol , but for me.. its prolly my heaviest...but still small. still trying to perfect a retrieve.



May 23, 2012 at 2:29 PM delete

Hey, that's a really solid fish! Nice catch! What color did you use? Congrats and thanks for sharing!

May 23, 2012 at 11:34 PM delete

i went with the regular trout pattern for the charlie, im skeptical on the mangler, is cheaper..but i can barely catch solid ones on the real lookin one, hah wat more if i toss that mangler in.. i was thinking of getting the white one b4 the bright green one? good action in the morning.. just finding how deep to let it sink in the water column b4 i retrieve. usually it hits in the middle after 2-3 second drop. this is my go to for bass.. i wanna build a solid 5 set of go to lures for bass.. but yea the charlie, then gary yama sinkos blue or purp , kvd shad crank, then the gary yama ika 4" i think, then jig red craws but they hvnt wrkd.. i wanna get some of the live swim baits u suggested, look real, but yea i the hard baits are harder then the soft swim baits.. but practice on both, and both are killer i bet.. man ima end up spending too much hah lol i gotta save n be selective.. hah actually this site is prolly saving me money!!

May 28, 2012 at 9:54 AM delete

The Mangler is definitely a cheaper bait and has some durability issues. I keep a couple in my tackle box to throw near deep cover, but I use the Charlie for most other presentations. The Charlie is a great lure, glad you like it. With the senko's, don't forget to try the tiny 3'' ones too, they work really well on highly pressured largemouth!

May 25, 2014 at 4:26 AM delete

One of the more popular fishing methods while boating, trolling, drags lures behind, usually a good ways back, while the boat moves forward slowly..!!

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