ODRVM 4K Action Camera Review

Photo from ODRVM Action Camera

I recently was sent an action camera from ODRVM that boasts of filming in 4K, and I took it through its paces to see how it’d do in the NorCal backcountry. The ODRVM Action Camera and its low-cost piqued my interest to see how it would hold up.

Video review:

The ODRVM 4K Action Camera is remarkably affordable ($55.99 - $79.99 [with attachments]) and is loaded with features uncommon to similar action cameras. I’ll go more into detail down below in the Features section, but know right away that its Settings Menu is one of the most customizable menus I’ve seen.

The ODRVM 4K Action Camera is loaded with accessories, and the waterproof case is compatible with GoPro accessories as well. Inside the handy foam-padded case that the camera arrives in are the following accessories: a waterproof case similar to most other action camera designs with large buttons, an open non-waterproof backing to allow sound in, an extra 3.7V Li-ion 1050mAh battery, Wireless Remote with wrist strap, 2x mounts with adhesive backings, handlebar clip, screw mounts, 90 degrees mount, USB cable, selfie-stick mount, a lens wipe, multiple straps, multiple zipties, adhesive pads, and a wire tether. Overall, they didn’t skimp out on accessories with this camera! 

The ODRVM 4K Action Camera reportedly uses a 20 MP Sony sensor (although the manual says it’s only a 12 MP Sony sensor) and a Novatek Chipset. A bit of further research (since it’s not found in the manual or on the Amazon page) showed me that for the image properties, the Camera Maker is listed as Cosuo and Camera Model is CS96. Thus it looks like the ODRVM 4K Action Camera actually uses a 12 MP IMX 078 Camera sensor and Novatek NTK96660. I'm not sure if this allows for true 4K, or just interpolated imaged. 
All photos files are in .JPG and all video files are in .MP4. It connects to the wireless remote via a WiFi signal, and according to the manual, it can “be synced to a mobile device by downloading the ZSANYCAM app on the app store,” although that specific app is wasn't reliable for me.

- Video Resolution: 4K 24fps; 2K 30fps; 1080P 60fps; 720p 120 fps; 720p 60 fps

(I recommend sticking with 1080P for this camera as the higher resolutions are not very clean)

- Image Resolution: 20M, 16M, 12M, 10M, 8M, 5M, 2M , VGA selectable 
- Lens: 170°/140°/110°/70° selectable

- Gyro (built-in)

- Photo Mode: Single Shot, Burst, Self-timer (2s / 5s / 10s / Double)
- Time-lapse Record: 100ms / 200ms / 500ms / 1Sec / 5 Sec (note: it is not an actual time-lapse)
- Loop Recording Supported (it will auto-overwrite files when this option is on)
- Voice Prompt Supported (meaning that the camera will say “Video Start” when you begin taking a video – it does not mean that you can speak to it and have it start recording!)

- 5x Digital Zoom – simply press the up/down arrows on the side of the camera. 

- Motion Detection Supported (although it seemed rather buggy when I tried to use it, with no amount of movement triggering the camera) 
- Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
- USB Interface: micro USB 2.0, micro HDMI
- Power Source Interface: 5V/1A
- Battery Capacity: 3.7V Li-ion Battery 1050 mAh (Two Batteries Included )
- Recording Time per battery: 40 minutes/ UHD 24 fps, 60 minutes/1080P 30fps , 70 minutes/720p 120fps (my average was about 45 minutes for 1080P at 60 fps)

- Storage capability: Up to 64 GB according to the manual, 128 GB according to their online specifications 

-Waterproof case: up to 30 meters

-Weight: 2.2 ounces

Sample photos:

I took the ODRVM 4K Action Camera up to a cabin in the Klamath Mountains of Northern California and spent a week hiking through the backcountry, past thickets of tan oak and up above the snow line. I explored a creek and tested out its waterproof case in it. The battery seemed to die quickly after only a few shots and clips. I later found that the cause was because it wasn’t turning off when I pressed the Power button – this was due to the waterproof case with the waterproof backing having a bit too much rubber on the seal, thereby not sealing fully (there was a gap between the plastic case and the plastic backing) which created space for the camera to not be in contact with the Power button. I replaced the waterproof backing with the non-waterproof, sound-enabled backing and it worked much better.
While video quality was on par with most other budget Action Cameras, I particularly liked the built-in Gyro that enabled me to get fairly smooth recordings. Having a gyro is a HUGE plus and really helps offer better quality footage. The photos were decent but occasionally had some blueish-pinkish discoloration in the top portions (depending on lighting). I couldn’t seem to nail down the cause, but my guess is that it had to do with the various color options (Auto White Balance, 0 Exposure, WRD enabled). Audio quality was superb with no weird crackling sounds or anything of that sort. Overall, it worked pretty well and left me pleased. 

The ODRVM action camera offers a affordable action camera price that can record decent HD footage with a Gyro stabilization and take fairly good photos. The 4K footage isn't as as exciting as I had hoped, but the 1080p footage is sharp and crisp. Photos are fairly good too, and I like the protective carrying case it comes with. Check it out at here on Amazon.

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