Shore Fishing Oahu, Hawaii: Trip Report with Video and Photos

What a trip! While I primarily fish in Southern California, occasionally I get the opportunity to fish even warmer waters-Hawaii! On this most recent trip to Oahu, I hooked and landed a variety of amazing fish, including many different chunky wrasse, a massive cornetfish, peacock grouper, triggerfish, lizardfish, and more. Fishing around the windward side, near a popular pier, proved to be most productive. I primarily used lures (kastmasters and small curly-tail jigs behind a sliding sinker), but also used squid and shrimp at times. Fishing here isn't easy-the fish do seem fairly pressured, probably thanks to the large population, but they do still bite, and bite well!
I still haven't managed to land a papio. I've worked really hard to target them, but can't seem to get one to the shore. On a prior trip to Kauai, I managed to hook one on a jerkbait, but it snapped my line really fast after an heart-pumping run. Next time!
Check out this video I made of fishing from the shore on Oahu, Hawaii. Don't need a saltwater fishing license in Hawaii-a far cry from California!
Tight lines

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