BlackBird MAC50 WaterProof Action Camera Review

More action camera review for anglers! I recently tried out the affordable MAC50 Waterproof Action Camera from Blackbird Product. Unlike many other action camera, the MAC50 comes with a headmount/headband straight out of the box, allowing it to be easily used to anglers without needing to purchase additional mounting accessories. Here are the stats on this action camera:
  • 1080p Full HD camcorder with audio
  • Waterproof up to 16' without case
  • Supports up to 32GB MicroSD
  • Records at 30 fps in 1080p or 60 fps in 720p
  • 1.5" color TFT screen with playback features
  • TV output
  • Includes 3 versatile mounts, USB cable and remote control wristband
  • 170 degree video (720p) and 125 degrees (1080p)
More and more cameras are finally realizing that having a wristband remote control is the way to go. The MAC50 includes a handy wristrap that allows you to start recording or take photos without having to fiddle with your camera.

Color quality and level of detail is pretty good and the 1080p video is quite decent. It's not the same as GoPro, but it's definitely a great deal for the price. Here are two vidoes I recently shot with the MAC50 Action Camera, one fishing in Murrieta Hot Springs and the other while hiking Stoddard Peak in the San Gabriels:

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I really enjoyed the playback and review features on the MAC50. Very few action cameras incorporate this and it is always frustrating not to know what you are filming until you return from the trip! This hassle is gone with the MAC50-you can see what you are filming and choose which clips to delete or keep right on the water!
While fishing, I found the headband to be quite comfortable. It allowed me to easily keep my hands free and make casts. You'll need to adjust the timeout settings if you plan on leaving the camera running for a long time on your head while angling. I found it best to record intermittently, whenever I hooked a big fish, and so on. Be sure to know when the video is recording (audible 'beep' helps keep track when you aren't watching the screen).
Finally, at $125, this 1080p, fully waterproof camera is a steal. I'm really impressed with all the features packed into this little action camera. It's available through WalMart and Amazon, in addition to other online retail websites. Check out the MAC50 if you want an affordable action camera to catch you fishing adventures on today!

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The video quality seems pretty decent. Sounds like a keeper!


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