Pirana Fishing Lures Jerkbait Review

Recently revealed at iCast 2013 are the fascinating line of Pirana Lures. At first glance, they are just another set of jerkbaits. However, a closer look will reveal some rather unique features not seen on other lures; namely, a patented Jet Trail System and a toothy set of fangs in the front (hence the "Pirana" aspect of these lures).

Offered in Silver, Gold, and Green, these 0.25 oz, 3.25" fishing lures feature holographic eyes, 5 bilateral hollow gill slits, and slick, glossy finish. They feel really nice in hand and seem quite durable in use (bang 'em up on several rocks and concrete during mis-casts with no obvious damage done). Each lure comes separately packaged, carefully packed in a manner more reminiscent of high-dollar Japanese baits.

In the water, the Jet Trail System results in a unique bubble trail as the lure is initially retrieved or jerked below the surface. This "JTS" design features multiple open gill slits along both sides of the lure. Water rushes in through the open mouth of the lure and out the gills, leaving a neat frothy trail behind the lure. Want more bubble? You could potentially pop half an AlkaSeltzer tab into the mouth, get it stuck in tight, and proceed to fish with it. Referred to as "fizizing" in some fishing circles, this will definitely get the attention of fish and may be worth trying out.

At rest, the Pirana lure sits atop the water, in a manner similar to a traditional hard jerkbait. Sharp tug on it will result in it diving down. I had most of my hits and strikes on it immediately after jerking and twitching it right on and below the surface. Upon retrieve, the lure has a slight side-to-side wobble. However, it's really not that as balanced as I would like, and the producer has indicated that this is still a lure in the works, with additional weighting options coming out soon. 

Unfortunately, I have only been able to take the Pirana Lures out on a few trips lately. However, I've had plenty of fish hitting 'em each time, but my rusty fishing skills have only resulted in me landing the little guys. I'll keep trying them out and post any photos of lunkers that I catch on these lures

Here is a little video from the Pirana company showcasing their lure in action, both in salt and freshwater

I really was impressed by the unique approach and innovative design of the Pirana series of lures. They still have a little ways to go in perfecting the lures balance and weight in the water to add the best action. Pirana is definitely a truly unique lure (looks totally awesome in the tacklebox, teethy and all) that I will be keeping a close eye on as they release further models in the future! Check these toothy lures out today at PiranaFishingLures.com and on their Facebook page.

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Seeing how Anchovies swim a lot with their mouths agape, this could immediately apply in that context. Definitely a curious lure and I am wondering why it wasn't done before. Thanks for sharing. Great blog by the way.

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