Blackbird Products ACG50 POV Sunglasses Action Camera

Polarized sunglasses for fishing are a must-have, especially when targeting spooky fish in gin-clear water on a sunny day. Blackbird Products have released a neat polarized sunglasses that has a camera built into it. Filming at 720p and 1440p, this little camera/glasses combo is a fun set when on the water.

Image quality is acceptable, not as sharp or vivid as their MAC50 camera but still quite decent. Here are a few videos I've shot with the camera, one while fishing at a private bass pond, and another at the West Fork San Gabriel. You'll notice the wide-angle view (two thumbs up!) in the videos. 

Remember, these glasses are pretty hefty, but they sit on the face comfortably for several hours of use. They aren't waterproof though, so please don't try any underwater fish release shots with them!
Perhaps the most frustrating feature is the on/off switch, as sometimes it is hard to choose between recording, taking a photo, or shutting off the camera. Fortunately, there is a little red light that comes on in the left-hand corner of the glasses (reflection), helping you better know when it is on. It's almost a little "Google Glass-ish" with the action camera feature built into the view. The camera takes a MicroSD and charges up with a standard USB camera slow, covered by this flap in the below photo.
Overall, the ACG50 POV Sunglass Action Camera is a fairly decent action cam. It combines the necessity of polarized sunglasses with the awesomeness of an action camera. Some of the recording on/off design and image quality could be improved, but it's still one I'll continue to take out on short fishing trips as needed. See you on the water!
Blackbird Products (Website, POV Products)

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