Morning Bass Fix

I fished Round Lake, in Camas, Washington this morning and early afternoon. It is really a picturesque lake, especially when you get there before the summer swimming rush. My brother and I tossed jigs, Senko-clones, and flies for a nice assortment of fish. We caught largemouth and (oddly enough) yellow perch.

Here is my big bass for the trip. He was traveling with two other similar sized bass, crusing the shallows in the morning. I haven't seen bass of that size school up before, usually I find them as loners, hiding under logs and weeds. My brother was trying to catch a fat bluegill that kept nipping at surface flies. I guess all the topwater action brough the bass (and large bluegill school) in closer to the shore, and they couldn't resist a wacky-rigged Cabela's Glo-Stick. Check out the chunk to this fish!

I lost loads of dinks and 'gills while fishing, but managed this one on a Berkely Gulp minnow. Round Lake has a lot of fish, the key is finding them without spooking them (pretty clear water, although it was off-color today). Definitely want to bring my Fish Hunter Raft here next time!
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