Raft Bass

Had to get out and try my Sevylor Fish Hunter out. Didn't get to fish for very long but as I was paddling back to the bank, I stopped at large, semi-submerged patch of grass in the pond. My brother made one last cast and I made one cast with the Yum Dinger, Texas rig, right ontop of the grass. I worked the lure fast, twitching it, and a chunky bass blasted it. He put on an aerial show for us, circled the raft, then gave up. Quick pic and back in the water. I'm really glad the raft works fine and didn't have any stupid mouse bites in it. The last time I took it out (last summer), a mouse chewed a hole in the lining, than died in the box. I finally patched the Sevylor this summer, using the excellent TearAid Type B stuff. It worked well, easily sealing the silver dollar-sized hole in the lining.
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