After my first bass on a Senko-style lure, I had to go back to the same spot and try again. The last time I was there, I saw loads of chunky bass, cruising the shallows. They were really easily spooked and the pond gets a lot of pressure from worm 'n bobber guys, so I wanted to get back soon before all the fish were gone.

I worked the pond hard, casting in the shallows and in the lone deep spot, near fallen logs and overhanging brush. In the shallows, I lost a small dink on a Berkely Gulp minno, wacky-rigged, then caught another dink on the 4'' Yum Dinger. He came charging out of some cover and blasted the lure. I love the aggression little bass have, even when they aren't much larger than their target.

Growing tired of the dink bites, I tried the deep hole. The mosquitoes were getting vicious and I hate fishing while trying to swat blood suckers at the same time. After one missed fish on the Dinger (I have to learn to set the hook harder when I'm Texas rigging), I cast to the far side, and let the lure drop all the way to the bottom. Wait. Wait. Twitch the lure (just barely). Was that a tap I felt on my line? Wait. Start lifting rod tip--the lines moving away, SET the HOOK! Boom! I'm on! I tie into something that feels like a quality fish, definitely better than most I get ouf of this pond. Awesome! He's pulling drag, he tries to get under one log, I get him out. Goes for another log, almost gets under it, got him again. He's coming to the surface, I'm freakin' out, almost forgot to drop the rod tip, he's airborne, then he's back, trying to get under the logs. I finally horse him out, net him, and grab my camera.

He was probably only 2-3lbs, but he was the biggest largemouth I've caught at this pond, and he put up a twisted fight. I'm sold on Senkos (and Yum Dingers!). After a few pics, he's released safetly into the cool depths of the pond. Success!
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W ould you happen to know why lake mathews is off limits for fishing? What about peackor resevoir also? Thanks


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