Secret Bass Ponds of Clark County

Accidently stumble across a series of big ponds on Google Earth ("recon").
Find a couple of forum posts on local fishing forums discussing the ponds ("intell"). Contact one of the guys who fished it once, find out that the ponds have easy public access ("local informant").
Actually drive out to the place today, fish it, find loads of eager biters, mostly dinks, but one decent 1-2lb fish that couldn't resist the Yum Dinger ("awesome").

Looked like this largemotuh was going to lose an eye. I went really horrible, but fortunately the hook slipped right next to the eye, slid out without any noticeable damage, fish seemed a-ok. I hate hooking 'em near the eyes.

Definitely going back with my Fish Hunter Sevylor raft.
Don't you love finding new places to fish?
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July 23, 2010 at 11:20 PM delete

where is the pond? Why leave out the important info? Help others man and they will help you in return.

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