Mud Lake Bass Fishing

One Fish Hunter Sevylor Raft. Two oars. Four fishing rods. Two anglers.
And a whole lot of wind.
We fished Mud Lake, lightly at first, since the awful visibility, brisk wind, and choppy water made it hard to fish with any confidence. We finally had a little bite on a Yum Dinger near some weeds, and on a plastic grub, but no fish were landed. Saw a few No Trespassing signs on the far shore too, didn't want to make anyone angry by landing over there.

Finally went back to the main launching area, stetched our cramped legs for a bit, and made a few casts. I lost one, then landed a little guy on a Dinger. Really surprised they even could find the lure with the poor visibilty.

Got back into the raft, headed to another part of the lake. My brother loves fishing plastic grubs on jigheads, and he lost a fish off a weedline on a white grub. We caught a couple of frogs in the thick grass for fun, then moved to another part of the lake. Water looked good, every thing seemed perfect-and we caught fish. First it was little bites, than it was a lost fish next to the boat, and the my brother caught a nice largemouth on his jig.

Next was a yellow perch for my bro. Than it was small largemouth for me, and then another yellow perch. By now, I had switched off my ever-present Yum Dinger to a white Berkely Gulp minnow, much more visible to the fish.

Lost a couple of other fish, plus a ton of short strikes. Feeling good.
Took one more shore break, than headed out again and worked the same area. I landed one nice largemouth, and my brother got a little yellow perch. Than, he lost a HUGE bass that was rippin' drag and splashing all over the place. Aw...
After a few more missed fish, we packed up and headed home. Great times on this shallow, yet large lake in Clark County for warmwater fish.
Mud Lake just north of Ridgefield, easily visible from Google Earth and quite well-marked online. However, the county lists it as an "Undeveloped" park. Basically, there is just a tiny bit of room to pull of for parking, and a mowed trail to the lake. Nothing else. Don't go expecting another Silver Lake, rather, it truly lives up to its name of "Mud", with very poor visibility. I have been there when the water clarity was much better, but that was earlier in the year. According to the Parks department, part of the land around the lake is private, but the entry and part of the shore is county owned, and thus accessible to the public. There is room to launch little kayaks, canoes, rafts and car-toppers, but it is a decent hike to get there. You can't just pull off the road and drive your boat down to the water.
Oh, and mosquitos. In the middle of the day, with bright sunshine and a brisk wind, you won't notice them. However, once the wind dies down, mosquitos appear everywhere! The evening is especially bad, with thousands of these bloodsuckers roaming the shoreline. We didn't get bit at all while on the water, but the bank has lots of shade where the skeeters hang out.
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July 26, 2010 at 9:14 PM delete

How do you rig up the white grub on a jig hook? Can you describe it because there is this entire kit of grubs and jigs and never had any luck or clue about how to rig them up.

July 28, 2010 at 11:59 AM delete

For plastic grubs, simply take a jighead, and insert the hook point into the top of the grub. Push it through until it stick out of the side.
The end result should look like this:

(note the ones with hooks sticking out of them)


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