Columbia River Smallmouth Bass

My last fishing trip of summer 2010 in Washington state had to be something different from what I normally encounter in California. So, I went after Micropterus dolomieu. The Columbia River has a world-class fishery for them, even in the heavily-developed parts near Vancouver and Portland, Oregon.
Got to my spot a little later than usual, sun was fading fast and I didn't have much time to fish. I wasn't expecting much, as evening always seemed to be a bad time for smallmouth fishing for me. The heavy pleasure boat traffic wasn't really helping either. So, I was super glad to spot 2-3 fat fish tailing my jig after I made a few casts. Couldn't get them to commit, so I switched up to a the beloved Yum Dinger, shad color. Boom, fish on, second cast. These kids can FIGHT! The one pictured above was only 13 inches, but he refused to come to the shore on my 4lb test ultralight gear.

Lost two more fish on the Dinger, than switched to back to the jig. Nothing. So, I grabbed one of my hand-poured drop shot minnows. Immediately I had fish on, unfortunately most of them came off. I managed to land one, this scrappy little smallmouth bass. I also hooked and pulled in a yellow perch, surprise, surprise. Didn't expect that at this spot, I guess the warmer weather really brought them in. I love catching fish on lures I've made myself, great feeling.
Goodbye (for now) Washington. It's been a splendid summer.
Hello, Cali.
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August 30, 2010 at 3:13 PM delete

Yay you're back in cali! that's so cool you caught a perch. i have trouble catching fish with minnow lures...

September 10, 2010 at 7:52 PM delete

Nice smallmouth bass. I love smallies for the extra fight. Hand poured minnows for that extra touch. Way cool.


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