Round Lake Washington Sunfish Fishing

As my summer in Washington was finding down, I went back to one of my favorite lakes, Round Lake. Situated in Camas, Washington, it's the little brother of the Lacamas Lake. Both are popular for warmwater fish, although Lacamas receives most of the attention. I started fishing for bass but switched to ultralight gear for the sunfish. This is my first crappie from Round, great feeling to finally catch one in Washington!

I caught mostly bluegill, although I did nab two yellow perch, and the crappie. There is a lot of small yellow perch schools here, not quite big enough to eat. Bass are harder to find, although I've caught decent ones here before.

I love this picture. Look closely, you will see the crappie stacked up, hovering in the water underneath the log. I had to fiddle with the photo's contrast settings to get it to turn out. There was probably double this number, all schooling in the area. They were insanely hard to catch, refusing all manners of jigs, baits and micro lures.

I caught most of the fish on wet flies (small ant patterns), microjigs, or Berkely plastic trout worms (great!). Did manage my last fish of the day on a Yo-Zuri Aile Killifish, one of my favorite sunfish lures. It's a floating topwater, diving on retrieve, with a tight wiggle. Back has a tiny, plastic blade, giving off little fluttering motions when twitched.
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August 30, 2010 at 3:11 PM delete

the sunfish you caught are so beautiful! i can't wait to invest in one of the Yo-Zuri Aile Killifish lures.


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