Raft Bass

Lovely largemouth bass cover.

Pulled this healthy fish out of the stickups just a few minutes after the previous photo was taken. Largemouth hit it pretty softly, but went berserk once I set the hook. I was worried he would break my 4lb test line after fighting him for much longer than I expected. This bass only went airborne once, but really kept diving deep, desperate to get back into the logs. Finally netted him with some help from a friend (thanks!). This is one of my better fish from Washington State, I'm having a ball fishing this summer. Trusty 4'' Yum Dinger does it again, Texas rig. Unfortunately, I've gone through my only pack of them, got to buy some more ASAP.
Oh, and on a fail note-I put a huge gash in the inflatable raft as I carried it back to the car. Stupid piece of metal, now I have to hit Sportsmens Wharehouse and get a new patch for the boat.
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