Fishing for bass and sunfish in Tulsa, Oklahoma

I spent about 1 week in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Fishing was great, cost of a five day license for non-residents was not great. Still, I got my money's worth, fishing hardcore, even with the triple digit temperatures. Tulsa is a great place for anglers, loads of public ponds and lakes all over, with all kinds of warmwater species. I hit up the Arkansas River, near Zinc Dam, and other spots. Also fished many different public parks with little ponds all over Tulsa. These are loaded with warmwater species, most anglers fishing them just do the old "bait-and-wait" routine, so the fish certainly don't mind lures.
Look at this little fat bluegill! Great colors, real bruiser. Caught while fishing a Berkely Gulp Minnow, Shad pattern, wacky-rigged.

Here kitty, kitty, kitty!
(Channel Cat, Arkansas River)

(See the nasty sores on the green sunfish in the collage? Gross)
I caught quite a few largemouth bass, fishing shaded areas heavily during the clear, sunny weather. Yum Dingers and Berkely Gulp minnows seemed to be the ticket. I did toss out an old favorite of mine, a Berkely purple worm, almost 6 years old, still catches fish.
I'll miss the fishing in Tulsa, but I certainly won't miss the weather.
Super thanks to my friends in Tulsa for taking me out fishing!

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