Klineline Park Bass

I have been a little disappointed with this pond at Klinline park in Vancouver, Washington. Usually, I can count on it to produce several quality largemouth and other species. However, I fished it hard Friday evening with nothing to show for several hours. Not even a nibble. I threw plastics, Rooster tail's, Rapala's and topwater poppers. Nothing.

Came back the next morning, got there a little later than I wanted and the sun was already high in the sky, sending the fish deep. Managed this nice bass off of the shore on the Dinger, but nothing else.

Here's a little close-up action on this guy, great fish. Klineline (Salmon Creek Park) has some decent fish, but they can be tough to find. If anyone else has caught largemouth there, send me some pics, I'd love to see them.

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August 18, 2010 at 3:00 PM delete

I caught my first bass out there dude. Have been seeing baby bass by the hundreds so for sure some eggs have hatched. But dude, this guy was pretty ugly and no less than eleven to thirteen inches long.

It was bigger than what I expected to ever see out there. They must be beefing up man. Caught it by the snack bar on a flasher.


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